Cogenics Consulting is your trusted advisor in simplifying and automating reporting processes in your company. We have proven expertise in providing enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions. Whether it is management or external reporting we can quickly assess your existing environment, create a business blueprint for short term and long term solutions and implement integrated applications to support your financial reporting needs. We see reports as an end outcome of comprehensive and cohesive process of budgeting, forecasting legal consolidation or analytics. At Cogenics we believe in linking the dots between these procedures and your company’s overall mission of assessing value. We are HostAnalytics implementation partner, with an expanding portfolio of cloud based EPM undertakings. We also possess process improvement capability for your existing in house SAP BPC implementations. If your business requires the establishment of a new reporting structure, or improving of existing models, we are happy to assist. Our Implementation Process largely follows agile methodology. We are strong proponents of fast-track implementation and our solution architecture is designed to achieve realization in days to months rather than months to years. We work hand-in-hand with the office of the CFO, starting from your vision of financial information processes at a very seminal stage, to realization. This comprehensive overseeing is what we thrive on and is the cornerstone of our practice.